The Changing Role of Primates in Human Culture Working Group

Human-primate interactions depend on social and cultural, as well as economic factors and can vary from a primate being worshiped as a deity in one place and the same species persecuted and killed in another.

Recent Activities

We produced Best Practice guidelines for Responsible Images of Non-Human Primates – available in 23 languages.

We published a follow up article about the above one year on from their publication – available here

Working Group Members

Dr Liana Chua

Dr Smitha Daniel

Dr Malene Friis Hansen

Dr Amani Kitegile

Dr Laëtitia Maréchal

Ms Lucy Radford

Dr Michelle Rodrigues

Professor Jo Setchell

Professor Anindya “Rana” Sinha

Dr Harriet Thatcher

Dr Sian Waters (Vice chair)

Dr Amanda Webber

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