Primate Tourism Working Group

Primate tourism is the viewing of primates in the wild, in anthropogenic landscapes or in captive settings. Best Practice Guidelines for Great Ape Tourism are available but there are no similar guidelines for other primate species. We are currently working on detailed species and region-wide guidelines to increase the numerous benefits of primate tourism and decrease its costs. We are also developing an app in collaboration with the IUCN Primate Specialist Group Section for Small Apes.

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Working Group Members

Mr Tanvir Ahmed

Dr Andie Ang

Ms Andrea Dempsey

Dr Kerry Dore

Dr Lief Erikson Gamalo

Dr Malene Friis Hansen

Dr Alexander Georgiev

Dr Kimberley Hockings

Dr Amani Kitegile

Dr Ilham Kurnia

Dr Angela Maldonado

Dr Laëtitia Maréchal

Dr Tracie McKinney

Dr Sarah Papworth

Professor Jo Setchell

Dr Magdalena Svensson

Dr Harriet Thatcher

Dr Sian Waters (Vice Chair)

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