Commercial Exploitation of Primates Working Group

Concerned with the commercial exploitation of primates and/or their body parts. The extent of the illegal primate trade is hard to quantify, but it has serious ramifications for primate conservation & welfare.



Download an illustrated information sheet about keeping primates as pets.

We were instrumental in writing IPS policy Harvesting of Wild Primates for Biomedical Research

Members are currently writing an information sheet for western audiences on why primates make bad pets.

Barbary macaques exploited as photo props in Marrakech, Morocco
Photo prop Barbary macaques are kept in these cages in Marrakech, Morocco when not required to work: A conservation and welfare concern

Working Group Members:

Mr Tanvir Ahmed

Dr Smitha Daniel

Ms Andrea Dempsey

Dr Malene Friis Hansen

Dr Amani Kitegele

Dr Angela Maldonado

Dr Felicity Oram

Dr Maria Ferreira da Silva

Dr Denise Spaan

Dr Magdalena Svensson

Dr Sian Waters (Vice Chair)

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