Malene Friis Hansen

Malene Friis Hansen, PhD is a biologist focusing on human-macaque interfaces, especially those of long-tailed macaques. For her PhD she researched the human-primate interface of long-tailed macaques in Baluran National Park, East Java, Indonesia. During her PhD she started sending researchers to other areas of long-tailed macaque occurrence to look further into the population status of long-tailed macaques and human perceptions of this synanthropic species. This project will continue after a short break (maternity leave), where hopes are to reassess the conservation status of long-tailed macaques and increase knowledge on human-macaque interfaces for future management initiatives. This project is a collaboration with Dr Susan Cheyne, Oxford Brookes University, Professor Agustin Fuentes, University of Notre Dame and Karmele Sanchez, International Animal Rescue Indonesia.

Malene has also worked at several rescue centres focusing on reintroduction of rescued wildlife. Before and after this she worked as a conservation educator at a Danish Zoo, and also taught conservation, conservation education and animal behaviour at the Zoo keeping degree in Denmark. 

Twitter @MaleneFHansen

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