Felicity Oram

Felicity Oram is a behavioural ecologist and conservation practitioner specialising in wild orangutan survival in altered habitats.  As the Project Director of PONGO Alliance – Kinabatangan, she works collaboratively with oil palm growers to facilitate meta-population viability of orangutans in the human-transformed landscape of Eastern Sabah, Malaysian Borneo (fragmented forests dispersed throughout an agricultural and developing rural infrastructure matrix).  Interests include wild animal adaption to changed habitats, holistic and practical management of human-wildlife interactions, development of local researcher capacity, and cross-sector outreach (awareness, education and policy development).   She also has a special interest in wild orangutan development to independence to ensure long-term survival of fully functional wild populations and to better support welfare and rehabilitation of immatures displaced and/or orphaned from conflict or trade.

Website: pongoalliance.org

twitter @PongoAlliance