Thank you for your interest in the IUCN Primate Specialist Group’s Section for Human-Primate Interactions (PSG HPI). This working group will be composed of volunteers with expertise in human-primate relations in various contexts coming from a wide range of disciplines across natural and social sciences and the humanities. We seek members with substantial experience of human-primate interactions at the practical or academic level. Please contact us for more information.

Pledge For Ethical Use of Primate Images

I understand that photographs of people in close proximity with primates can lead to negative consequences for the animals’ conservation and welfare. The prevalence of such photographs may seriously hinder conservation efforts and may mislead the public into believing that primates are safe to interact with and make suitable pets. As an individual/NGO, committed to primate conservation and welfare, I/we pledge to refrain from taking photographs of myself in close proximity to a primate and to posting any such photographs on social media, websites, printed media etc.