Amy Robbins

I currently manage the primate department at Auckland Zoo and lead eco adventures for small groups in North Sumatra with Raw Wildlife Encounters. I have developed a ranger program in North Sumatra – The Sumatran Ranger Project – to help protect the Leuser Ecosystem outside government protected areas and to benefit forest edge communities by reducing human-wildlife conflict and providing community support. In my work in North Sumatra I often witness human-wildlife conflict and human-primate interactions and am very interested in reducing negative interactions particularly in eco-tourism villages. I often see first-hand, orangutans and other primates interacting closely with humans, to the animals’ detriment and have a strong desire to provide better education for tourists to encourage them to travel more responsibly. I also think it’s vital for local guides to receive education and training to better understand the implications of irresponsible interactions with primates and other wildlife.

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